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About us

We Are At Your Service

Pak Connect Cargo is a family run business with several good connections all over Pakistan. Being a family owned company means we have great advantage and control over our operations. We have our delivery base in Karachi where our sea containers arrive at the famous ports of Karachi, after which, each and every parcel is carefully prepared for delivery across all of Pakistan. We pride ourselves in promising our customers a safe, secure and reliable service at all times. We endeavour to offer our customers the lowest price possible and that’s always our promise!
Pak Connect Cargo was established in 2012 and has been delivering parcels all over Pakistan since. Pak Connect is considered to be the most reliable, secure and the best delivery partner in the industry. Our connections in Pakistan mean that your parcels will be delivered quickly and with ease.

Our Services

We take the safety of your parcels very seriously and do our utmost best to go further and beyond to ensure that your parcels are delivered on time and without any issues. We offer two main hassle free services to Pakistan: Air Freight and Oceanic Freight. Additionally, we offer a specialised service for house moves and devise an individualised package to suit your specific needs.

Ocean Freight

Your trusted partner in shipping your parcels by sea safely. Your parcels are packed and sent by large sea containers to Pakistan.

Air Freight

We can deliver your parcels via air freight. This service is perfect for when your parcels need to be delivered to your loved ones faster. Your parcels are packed according to airline and freight standards to ensure that your goods arrive free from any damage.

Door to door service

We collect your parcels from your house in the United Kingdom and deliver them to your chosen destination in Pakistan at no extra cost.

Tracking System

Waiting for an order and not knowing where your order is can get extremely frustrating. We understand that and provide you with a proper tracking system to get notifications of the exact location of your parcels.

Support Centre

Our team members are always there to assist you. We emphasise on our commitment to understand and meet the unique needs of each of our customers. Our support team are available from 9-7pm Monday-Saturday. We like to keep our customers in the loop with regards to their delivery and collection times and often communicate with them out of hours when needed. Customers are also provided with the number of our trusted drivers so they can keep in contact with them during the delivery days.

How It Works?

  1. You will call our call centre to enquire about the product that you wish to send to Pakistan. You will then be given a quote along with the date and time for your collection date. We have different delivery days for every area across the UK, which you will be advised about when you call us. Our dedicated team will ensure to accommodate all your delivery and collection needs.

  2. Our trusted drivers will come and collect your parcels at your chosen address in the United Kingdom.

  3. Your goods will then be carefully and securely packaged according to shipping and flight standards.

  4. Your parcels will be sent by your choice of freight service and delivered for you in Pakistan. Our team will deal with customs and security for you, ensuring that our service is as hassle free as possible.

What can you send?

You are able to send furniture, electrical goods, clothing, shoes, books, kitchen items, gifts, food items and more. If there is a specific item that you would like to send, then please get in touch with us for further assistance. Over the years our customers have sent many items with us, including small and large household items. We never let our customers down and try to accommodate their parcel needs.

Our Features

Pak Connect Cargo offers real-time tracking, competitive pricing, customized shipping solutions, and dedicated customer support.


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