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air cargo quotes are now free.Send your packages to be delivered across the oceans from UK to Pakistan. Air cargo services also offer pickups and drop-offs

Freight service is transportation of goods by air to any destination you wants to send your goods to. Pak connect cargo is in service for a decade already. Air Cargo service is the most successful cargo service with almost every tenth transport in the world. Although its quite expensive but the quality standards and carriers perform the deliveries professionally.

This mode of transportation is relevantly new whereas innovative and probably famous mode of international goods transportation. Cargo services such as Maritime is noted for traditional and history point of view.

Its been recorded that air cargo moved around 34% of world trade, whereas this value doubled in 2019-2020 by 10% making it up-to 44% of global cargo trades.

what is air cargo? Why and when you should opt this mode of freight service?

Air transportation of goods also Known as Air Cargo service is transportation of goods/materials by air, and it started way back in 19th century. TIACA(the international air cargo association) initiated in 1990 and since the beginning: never lost the trade values by cent. Improvements in the quality is the 2nd reason of its successful services. Air Cargo services growth is recorded annually by the average world trade made by other modes of cargo/freight services.

  • Deregulation and liberalization of the air cargo industry
  • Global interdependence helped by world trade agreements
    International production and sales of goods and services
  • New inventory management concepts such as JIT and Zero
  • New air-eligible commodities

Air Cargo industry | Air Logistics industry

Air cargo services is something else, wherein air logistics is completely different. there has been a confusion for way too long about freight forwarders services and logistics. Thus Air cargo only refers to the air portion of the journey. Air logistics manages the door to door delivery. Pak Connect cargo offers logistics and cargo services to your door step enabling deliveries to your door step.

Pak connect cargo offers both logistics and cargo services to its customers. We offer an additional service of picking up the deliveries from your door step and cargo it with all the regulations and safety procedures followed.

Freight service via air to Pak from UK | Pak Connect Cargo

Freight services are delivering/ transporting your goods, luggage baggage and other utilities to the desired destination. Cargo services such as Air freight services are being offered to the customers via air known as Air Freight services to our UK customers. We The Pak connect cargo are near you and not only that you can book with us via telephone and by email in UK. Our representatives will show up with you at the door step to pick your package and ship it off to Pakistan in any location from Karachi To Peshawar, Islamabad to Muzzafarabad Azad Kashmir, and Quetta to Gilgit.

Cargo service agent | Pak connect Cargo

Freight forwarder and cargo agents facilitate customer with handling paperwork, organizing mass-movements meant for long-hauls. although cargo is something different than logistics but logistics has to deal with cargo. Shipping, freight forwarder agents are generally operation within the mode air transportation only with a major job of overlooking the haulers.

Pak connect cargo agents verify and fill the tariff forms of customers for further customs verification.


Pak connect cargo services are shipping, ferry freights, international and domestic shipments, container shipping, Bulk shipping. Thus, see our page and order your quotes for freight services online for free from our source page.

Track Air Cargo | Pak connect cargo

Our services have added the option of tracking to keep the the update on the cargo services.Moreover, Pak connect cargo offers 220 free tracking of your package online. Now stay updates and posted about the packages 24/7.

Service complainants

If you have any query complainants to register please drop an email and you will be provided with a tracking number and responded in timely manner. Moreover, We are here to offer our customers best services and perfection in our cargo along with the track of time. you can email us on the address

What to expect from cargo service?

  • Custom clearance
  • Home deliveries
  • Custom deliveries such as packages and parcels
  • Timely deliveries
  • ¬†Free quotes
  • Free customer care service
  • Insurance
  • Money back guarantee on delayed deliveries (only applicable for corporate)

Now with pak connect cargo hassle free freight services are possible and accessible for all from UK to Pakistan. Hopefully our services are appriciated with our new customers just like our loyal clients. Thank you!


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