Being a professionally run business, we realise the aspiration and the need of people in the UK that wish to send their goods/items to their families and friends in Pakistan. We realised this need and therefore launched a service which could meet your needs and enable you to send parcels to Pakistan with ease. We decided to come up with Pak Cargo Service UK Ltd. which is the most cheapest and reliable company to send your parcels through.

Having created locations across the whole of the United Kingdom and Pakistan, we successfully offer our clients a complete door to door service, which is tailored to their exact requirements.

Once you have placed an order with us, we will contact you before we arrive to collect your parcel. Our collection team will then package your items and seal them. We will also weigh the parcels in front of you for your peace of mind. Payment will be made on collection and a valid receipt will be provided. We will then take your parcel which will be shipped to Pakistan in our next shipment. From there we will deliver to your provided destination.

With our dedicated staff; we are full of motivation and willing to help. With our excellent customer service and staff dedication, Pak Connect Cargo Service UK Ltd. has reached across the whole of UK and Pakistan. We will continue to offer you a great service in the future.