About us

Having created locations across the whole of the United Kingdom and Pakistan, we successfully offer our clients a complete door to door service, which is tailored to their exact requirements.

Our Journey!

We started small 10 years ago when we have only small amount of customers. Offering them Ocean Freight Forwarding service with a limited amount of shipments forwarded. As time passed, numbers of customers increased, asking for more faster, quicker & safer service. It was then when we started new Air Freight Service with very quick delivery system in whole of UK. Now as we offer both Ocean & Air Freight Forwarding service we also look in the basic needs of our customers to satisfy them of what they will be offered upon the usage of our service while paying.

Our Services

Pak Connect Cargo UK Ltd. is providing its customers a service of Oceanic & Air Freight forwarding service where we take their good from anywhere in UK & deliver to their destination in Pakistan to their Friends & Families.

Our Team

With our dedicated staff. Our motivation & willingness is to help our customers with their needs of sending their goods to Pakistan. With our customer service, we offer you all the information you require. Our customer service is open whenever you need us. You can contact through the website contact panel or directly calling us at our given contacted numbers. Pak Connect Cargo Service UK Ltd. has reached across the whole of the UK and Pakistan. We will continue to offer you a great service in the future.